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The clever environment for a completely new driving experience

We know about your wishes dealing with an electric car first-hand – and we have the right solutions.


Charging Infrastructure

Experience our charging solutions


Route Planning 4.0

One clever app for all electric vehicles


Digital Vehicle Management

All relevant data on one single platform

Intelligent Charging Infrastructure

Experience Smooth Navigation

Fixed and Mobile Chargers

Provide your car with electricity always and everywhere – whether at home, at work or on the road. Take control of your energy costs and charge during time slots when electric power is cheapest.

Fixed installed or mobile chargers

Easy adapter connection (CEE, type F or eClever plug)

Local or cloud-based load management (OCCP)

The Smart Charging Cable

Say goodbye to challenges at public charging stations: With our cable, you can easily reach every charging point. Also, you can manage charging processes.

Independent from location and manufacturer

Plannable charging

Local or cloud-based load management (OCCP)

Route Planning 4.0

Experience Smooth Navigation

One App for all Destinations

Directly find a fitting charging station: With the eClever app, you are able to travel stress-free and without detours. Save time and plan routes that are perfectly tailored to your electric car and your driving style.

Personalized route planning with turn-by-turn navigation

Charging station overview with specific entry information

Optimized usability due to charging time instead of kW information

EV Status Directly to your Mobile Phone

Real-time data instead of forecasts: Say goodbye to standardized range information. Always stay informed about the charge level and (remaining) range of your e-car and do not get surprised by external factors ever again.

All important vehicle data in one spot

Charging station management

Tailored to vehicle configuration and driving style

Component 9
Digital Vehicle Management

Full Control over your EV

Data Directly from your Electric Car

You can hide our hardware behind any cover. Get important information such as charging level and battery temperature directly from your vehicle and transfer it to the eClever app.

Integrated SIM card

Vehicle data transmission directly to the app

Internal memory for data backups in case of network failures

Simplified Vehicle Diagnostics

Stay informed about your e-car's state and analyze vehicle information with eClever. Learn first-hand which factors take an impact on your EVs range and optimize your driving behaviour.

Theft and battery protection

Hidden installation

Also available separately

One Tool that Comes with Everything: Get yourself our Smart Complete Kit.

Component 16

Customized Driving Experience …

Zero planning effort, maximum driving pleasure instead: With eClever, everything becomes simple. Just get in and drive off – our environment is self-explanatory and it fits model-independently for any electric car.

Component 16 (1)

… Without
Any Headaches.

Various routes and destinations, one system: With us as a companion, driving an electric car becomes the most normal thing in the world – may it be to work, on a business trip or on your well-deserved holiday journey.

Ready to go - without much installation work

Turn the use of your e-car into an experience: The eClever ecosystem combines all the components you need to get the most out of your vehicle.

Secure a platform where you have everything in one place: charging, range, navigation and soon infotainment also – all combined under one (car) roof.

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