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Driving an electric car is fantastic. We have an honest, forward-looking mission. Get in and enjoy an innovative driving experience - the intelligent navigation for electric mobility Easily and conveniently supplied with energy!

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Your electric car in one app

eClever communicates with your electric vehicles. For a carefree, efficient journey, we offer you the tools you need to equip your fleet, electric car drivers and fleets. Plan routes with eClever, drive to the charging stations and keep an eye on the charging process.

The world of e-mobility in one app.

Quickly create production-ready mobility applications with our EV-specific route planning in focus. Adapt the routing algorithm to your business processes and benefit from all current research and developments. With eClever, you map your individual needs and use the full potential of fleet owners and service providers for electric mobility.

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White label applications for web and mobile

eClever makes you a part of the electrical revolution. With our app you can find charging stations, plan your trips and add payment modules and customer loyalty tools. The white label applications, which were developed after years of market experience in the most mature electric vehicle markets in the world, can be easily adapted to your branding and appearance.


The vehicle control system provides information about the most important vehicle data, such as battery performance, location and surroundings.

  • Position
  • Integrated charging stations
  • Intelligent routes
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The vehicle control system provides information about the most important vehicle data, such as battery performance, location and surroundings.

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Integrated charging stations

Our route planning offers a comprehensive tool for calculating the real-time range of an electric vehicle and thus supports the search for charging points. The loading process on the cell phone. One look at the app and you are informed about the charging status.

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Intelligent routes

eClever gives drivers the confidence to drive electrically. Built-in forecasting models optimize total travel time and travel expenses. Our routing algorithms calculate the best route, with the optimal charging stations in between, and determine how busy are the charging points.

Provide your users with current station information, dynamic status, ratings and availability forecasts. All of them are based on our powerful tile server: ClusterBuster. Get the experience with favorite stations, data on auto connection, payment methods and your driving history personally. Are you already part of the electrical revolution? the honest mission of making the future electric?


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